You may feel like nothing you do at work is good enough. You went from a vibrant, confident worker to feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. False accusations, sabotage, exclusion, and other intimidating, threatening, and demeaning behaviors at work from co-workers, bosses, and employers can leave us feeling dehumanized, betrayed, and robbed of our human right to dignity.

A toxic work environment can leave us feeling like a shell of our former selves and can be difficult to navigate and heal from. While navigating it, we can ruminate about the injustice and feel trapped. Once we leave, we may expect the pain to wear off but instead find ourselves feeling stuck and alone, confused about what happened and mistrusting others.

In a safe environment, you can begin to process your experiences to explore your options, understand where responsibility lies, discover possible connections to childhood trauma, understand systems that enable workplace abuse, and learn communication techniques that honor your boundaries and values. As you begin to feel heard and understood, you will start to gain clarity on your situation, your past, your needs, and your values. Leaning into your personal power and future while processing your work situation will increase your confidence and bring more joy into your life.

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-Deb Falzoi