Grief & Loss Counseling

Overcoming Loss With Grief Counseling

Losses and grief are expected experiences in life but sometimes they can impair our ability to cope or function effectively in our lives. There are many myths about grief and having information about the range of healthy responses to a loss may help to reassure you that your feelings are normal. There are also times when we can get stuck at some point in the grieving process and develop symptoms of complicated grief such as chronic numbness, bitterness, or preoccupation with the loss. These complicated grief reactions are more likely for people who use alcohol or drugs to cope, have multiple losses without time in between to recover, or have pre-existing mental health conditions.

Therapy for grief and loss typically focuses on providing support, increasing attention to both positive and negative details of a loss, teaching new skills, and treating any underlying problems that may prevent the ability to integrate the feelings of grief.

In many cases, therapy for grief and loss is a short-term treatment with follow-up sessions as needed if acute grief is triggered by anniversary dates or an additional loss later in life.

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