Therapy Services

At Labyrinth Psychological Services we collectively have over 50 years of experience treating children, teenagers, and adults in a therapy setting. We offer individual, couples and family therapy. We also provide diagnostic evaluations, therapy groups, workshops, and professional training sessions. We have experience with a broad range of child and adult mental health issues and can help you find a therapist who will be a good match for you.

Our therapists can help you with:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety, PTSD, and depressionGrief and LossADHD in children and adultsMarital or couples relationship problems (straight couples, gay and lesbian couples, inter-racial couples) • Family therapy and parenting support (navigating a divorce, adoption issues, parenting teens, discipline) • Skills training and support for children • LGBTQ+ issues • Teen problems (school, relationships, bullying, suicidal thoughts and cutting, substance abuse, body image) • Treatment for addictive behaviors (substance use, eating, gambling, work, spending) • Issues of emergency service providers and their families (veterans, EMTs, medical/mental health providers, correctional officers, firefighters, and police) • Mindfulness skills • EMDR therapy including EMDR therapy for trauma • Telehealth Therapy