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Labyrinth Psychological Services offers comprehensive forensic evaluations and clinical therapies for patients suffering from a range of behavioral health conditions.

Labyrinth Psychological Services offers Trauma Therapy in a Location Convenient to Worcester, MA.

Not limited to extreme or violent acts or accidents, trauma can be caused by acts of withdrawal, abandonment, and shaming. Labyrinth Psychological Services maintains a staff trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), grounding therapies, and various crisis intervention and response techniques. Our practitioners build lasting relationships with clients, whom they help to maintain a zone of resilience that allows them to regain functionality and confidence. Trauma, by nature, prevents an individual from processing memories related to an event or series of events, which allow other events of life to trigger memories that are not fully processed. Worcester, MA’s Labyrinth’s Psychological Services uses efficacious trauma therapy techniques that help individuals process memories that sheds unproductive reactions to distressing provocations. You don’t have to deal with trauma alone. The team at Labyrinth Psychological Services will guide you on your journey to coping with, processing, and overcoming trauma.

Worcester, MA’s Trauma Therapy Center Helps Patients Reconnect to their Lives

Do you ever feel like you fully actualized, or that there is a part of yourself that you’re struggling to access? Patients in Worcester, MA and surrounding towns rely on Labyrinth Psychological Services for the best trauma therapy treatments in the behavioral health field. The unconscious mind is an iceberg, and EMDR is one of the most efficacious tools at accessing the unconscious in order to process distressing memories that prevent productive participation in daily life. Unfortunately, too often the stigma surrounding behavioral health disorders that may result from traumatic experiences prevents patients from investigating and understanding methods that can help. Not necessarily triggered by a single event, trauma can comprise a series of small events that trigger a response that inhibits a patient’s ability to function. For the most effective and immediate trauma therapy services in Worcester, MA and all of New England, trust the team at Labyrinth Psychological Services.

Anxiety Therapy that Removes Emotional Obstacles for Holden Clients

Though we live in an age in which desired consumer goods can arrive at our doorsteps within a matter of days and we enjoy near-limitless access to both entertainment and information, anxiety among adults, teens, and children has reached unprecedented levels. The human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, but did not cause, this mental health crisis. Labyrinth Psychological Services aims to combat this understandable, but avoidable condition by providing anxiety therapy services for clients in and around Holden, MA. The behavioral health practitioners at Labyrinth Psychological Services builds relationships with clients that stem from empathy, connection, and understanding. The techniques have been proven effective for patients of all ages and backgrounds. The robust staff at Labyrinth Psychological Services includes experts in working with transgender and transitioning patients, teens and adolescents, as well as veterans and trauma survivors. If you’re feeling anxious, preoccupied, or unfulfilled, anxiety therapy can be beneficial. Call our Holden office today to get started on your own unique treatment plan.

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