Telehealth therapy has gained acceptance since the pandemic and is a great way to make progress on your self-care and mental health during summer months when the routine changes for many of us.

Telehealth therapy uses face-to-face telecommunication over the internet for psychotherapy sessions.  Therapists typically use an on-line platform which is confidential and compliant with HIPAA standards to protect private health information.

Telehealth therapy is a lot like a traditional face-to-face therapy appointment.  You make an appointment in advance with your therapist, but instead of meeting at an office, you hop onto your computer or smart phone and use a secure email link to sign into an on-line video therapy session.

One of the main advantages of telehealth treatment is that you can access a broader range of therapists from home and receive therapy at times when traveling to an office is inconvenient or unadvisable for health reasons.  The downsides of telehealth therapy are that occasionally a technical problem can interrupt a session and your therapist is at a remote location making it more difficult to assist you during a crisis or emergency.

Research suggests that telehealth therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy for many common problems typically addressed by in-person outpatient therapy and even for treatment with EMDR.  Like with any type of therapy, the experience level of your therapist and the quality of the match between you and your telehealth therapist is what matters most.  The most common complaint about therapists working for large on-line therapy companies is that they lack the training and experience needed to help clients make meaningful progress.

At Labyrinth, we offer in-person therapy at our office in Holden and also through a confidential on-line platform called SimplePractice.  We believe this hybrid model is the best way of being flexible while also being available in-person for local clients and anyone who needs more supportive treatment.  Our therapists are experienced and well-trained.  They receive ongoing education and support to improve their ability to use telehealth technology effectively to deliver outstanding services.  Labyrinth has a talented team of team of therapists who are accepting new clients this summer for telehealth and in-person therapy.  If you aren’t a good match with one of our therapists, we will help you find the right match for you.


Hanya Bluestone, Ph.D.