Diverse, Comprehensive, and Effective Child Therapy Offered in Worcester, MA

Labyrinth Psychological Services promotes well-being of clients throughout the Greater Boston Area. Services include couples counseling, forensic evaluations, and EMDR therapy.

Worcester’s Top-Rated Child Therapy Provider

Labyrinth Psychological Services features licensed professionals who are trained in building and maintaining the parent-child interaction. Patients treated include those suffering from trauma, anxiety, or behavioral disorders. Just as with adult therapy, child therapy can benefit all types of children and families. Child therapy is beneficial even for children who do not exhibit special needs or conditions. The doctors at Labyrinth Psychological Services teach children, adolescents, and other parents and caregivers Worcester clients new ways to be together. Moreover, the staff at Labyrinth Psychological Services employ a range of techniques as befits each client and family. Talk therapy, play therapy, and child-center cognitive behavior therapy techniques in order to help children understand emotions. Call today and discover why Labyrinth Psychological Services is Worcester’s preferred provider of child therapy.

The Most Effective Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavior Child Therapy Available in Worcester

Labyrinth Psychological Services seeks to unite and empower Worcester families through offering the best child therapy services available in the Greater Boston Area. With decades of experience working with parents, caregivers, extended family, and children, the doctors and therapists at Labyrinth in helping children work through everything from intense trauma, to guilt, tantrums, or impulsivity. With staff that are trained in the most effective psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, Labyrinth Psychological Services uses techniques specific to each patient in order to improve coping mechanisms, mitigate the effects of negative emotions, and correct negative behaviors. Our doctors and therapists work with families, siblings, or individual children to strengthen relationships, replace negative feelings and self-image, and restore self-control. Child therapy is effective for both adults and children. Therapy sessions are offered in individual, group, and family-based sessions. By using gentle techniques of play and talk to help children recognize destructive thoughts that result in self-defeating behavior, Labyrinth Psychological Services has become Worcester’s preferred provider of child therapy.

Anxiety Therapy that Removes Emotional Obstacles for Holden Clients

Though we live in an age in which desired consumer goods can arrive at our doorsteps within a matter of days and we enjoy near-limitless access to both entertainment and information, anxiety among adults, teens, and children has reached unprecedented levels. The human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, but did not cause, this mental health crisis. Labyrinth Psychological Services aims to combat this understandable, but avoidable condition by providing anxiety therapy services for clients in and around Holden, MA. The behavioral health practitioners at Labyrinth Psychological Services builds relationships with clients that stem from empathy, connection, and understanding. The techniques have been proven effective for patients of all ages and backgrounds. The robust staff at Labyrinth Psychological Services includes experts in working with transgender and transitioning patients, teens and adolescents, as well as veterans and trauma survivors. If you’re feeling anxious, preoccupied, or unfulfilled, anxiety therapy can be beneficial. Call our Holden office today to get started on your own unique treatment plan.

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