The Most Highly Researched and Effective Child Therapy Offered in Shrewsbury, MA

Labyrinth Psychological Services promotes well-being of clients throughout the Greater Boston Area. Services include couples counseling, forensic evaluations, and adult and child therapy.

Conversation, Play, and Psychodynamic Therapy, Labyrinth Psychological Services is Shrewsbury’s Preferred Provider of Child Therapy

Play is a child’s primary language. It’s how children first learn to express themselves and to demonstrate emotions that they couldn’t otherwise communicate. For years, Shrewsbury patients have trusted the licensed doctors and therapists at Labyrinth Psychological Services are trained to facilitate productive conversations and effective healing through talk and play therapy. Through play, children can give insights to the counselor about self-defeating emotions or negative images that often underlie aggressive or destructive behaviors. Signs that your child may benefit from child therapy include bed-wetting, sudden changes in behavior, or regression. Labyrinth Psychological Therapy uses therapeutic interventions with victims of trauma or violence, as well children simply demonstrating minor regressions or age-inappropriate behavior. The trained staff at Labyrinth Psychological Services aims to keep Shrewsbury children and families happy, fulfilled, and safe by offering a comprehensive repertoire of highly researched child therapy techniques.

A Range of Child Therapy Specialists at One Location Convenient to Shrewsbury

Have you noticed a shift in your child’s behaviors or habits? Is your child excessively prone to worry, or constantly picking fights for no apparent reason? These are just some of the signs that your child might benefit from child therapy at Shrewsbury’s Labyrinth Psychological Services. The doctors, therapists, and clinicians at Labyrinth Psychological Services bring robust training and experiences to the child therapy arena. That’s why Labyrinth has become Shrewsbury’s first choice for a range of child therapy services. We use a range of techniques to meet the demonstrated needs and preferences of our patients, who include children of all ages, adolescents, families, and caregivers. Our staff is trained in psychodynamic approaches such as EMDR therapy, as well cognitive-behavioral therapy and Gestalt therapy techniques. We believe in individualized approaches to meet children where they are, resulting in happier, more confident, and more resilient kids. Call today.

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