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Labyrinth Psychological Services offers court-related evaluations for forensic purposes and clinical therapies for a range of behavioral health disorders.

Labyrinth Psychological Services Provides Forensic Evaluations, Anxiety Therapy, and General Behavior Health Solutions in Shrewsbury

Labyrinth Psychological Services believes that all patients deserve fulfillment and well-being. Providing both group and individual anxiety therapy services to Shrewsbury patients, the office boasts a staff that includes doctors, licensed mental health professionals, clinical social workers, and other therapists with special training with select population groups. Our practice believes in behavioral health integration, which empowers patients to forge new social connections and build and maintain reliable coping mechanisms. In addition to providing group and individual settings, Labyrinth Psychological Serivces provides individualized treatment plans meet the needs of specific groups, such as teens, transgender and transitioning individuals, children, and adults. Anxiety therapy should be available to Shrewsbury patients of all demographics and backgrounds. If you’ve tried other anxiety therapy practices and yet you continue to feel hopeless or lost, Labyrinth Psychological Services can help. Call today to let our team steer you back on the path to becoming your best self.

Anxiety Therapy Improves Overall Quality of Life for Shrewsbury Patients

Though the mental health crisis in the United States certainly pre-dated the pandemic, COVID-19 has caused new levels of need for anxiety therapy because of triggers such as unstable employment and isolation (whether resulting from fear or job loss). Labyrinth Psychological Services invites individuals who suffer from any type of anxiety to seek help. Located in Holden, MA, Labyrinth Psychological Services meets the diverse behavioral health needs of residents of Shrewsbury as well as the general Greater Boston Area. Research suggests that sufferers of substance use and mental health disorders represent a uniquely vulnerable population. They are several times more likely to develop chronic physical health conditions than those who have managed behavioral health diagnoses. Labyrinth Psychological Services seeks to revitalize sufferers or generalized and specific behavioral health disorders through anxiety therapy. Shrewsbury residents finally have a place to turn for the behavioral health services they deserve.

Anxiety Therapy that Removes Emotional Obstacles for Holden Clients

Though we live in an age in which desired consumer goods can arrive at our doorsteps within a matter of days and we enjoy near-limitless access to both entertainment and information, anxiety among adults, teens, and children has reached unprecedented levels. The human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, but did not cause, this mental health crisis. Labyrinth Psychological Services aims to combat this understandable, but avoidable condition by providing anxiety therapy services for clients in and around Holden, MA. The behavioral health practitioners at Labyrinth Psychological Services builds relationships with clients that stem from empathy, connection, and understanding. The techniques have been proven effective for patients of all ages and backgrounds. The robust staff at Labyrinth Psychological Services includes experts in working with transgender and transitioning patients, teens and adolescents, as well as veterans and trauma survivors. If you’re feeling anxious, preoccupied, or unfulfilled, anxiety therapy can be beneficial. Call our Holden office today to get started on your own unique treatment plan.

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